Are you ready to leave exhaustion, overwhelm and illness behind? Would you like to live with more joy + purpose?

Hello I’m Wendy McMurdo, creator of The Contented Life Method.

I’m a heart-based Intuitive and Wellness Coach, helping people find beauty in the everyday, through living slow and simplifying – so they can heal and break-free from their pattern of feeling controlled, by their feelings of being out of control!!!

If you’ve experienced emotional trauma, are going through a health challenge, or if you’re simply on a path of personal growth and change, you’re in the right place!


In a world that’s all about speed and having more…

The Contented Life Method offers you the opportunity to Slowly + Gently live a Contented Life!

The Contented Life Method

A simple 3-Phase Journey to Contentment


The 3 steps wellness


Would you like to learn the secrets to feeling joyful, healthy, and energetic in each and every moment, no matter what is going on in your life?

What if you knew the exact path to self-healing?


Find out more about discovering Your Contented Life!

Your outer life reflects the quality… of your inner space!

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What if you could peel away the layers of stress and emotional pain, which starve you of balance and…

walk into your life – like a well designed room…

You can be at ease within yourself and find harmony!

Imagine how ‘letting go’ of your emotional clutter and stagnant energy could free up your life…

You can create the perfect inner environment, for positive gene expression, wellness and life success!!!

When you step onto the path towards Contentment, we start with a Contented Life Body Scan to uncover what’s blocking you, from your connection to HOPE and the energy of Possibility + Joy.



Start healing