You deserve to live a Contented Life!

About me picture Hello Welcome to Contented Life!!

I’m Wendy McMurdo, an Intuitive and Wellness Coach (oh and I’m a modern mama to 3 – raising my children in northern NSW, Australia).

My personal life experience has shown me that: the body knows how to heal (and will heal) when you give it the right conditions.

My Story: I’ve always been incredibly compassionate and gentle, a peace-maker. Giving to others first, being ‘a good person’ I was a  Nice Girl – with no time for Slow or Self-Care – I was always busy and life, felt like a constant struggle.

Stress effected my wellbeing and quality of life.

Living day-to-day with low to high levels of stress, starting in my early 20’s – I suffered with a ‘long list’ of health conditions -migraines, anxiety, chronic fatigue, thyroid imbalances, leaky gut syndrome, adrenal burn-out, insomnia, nausea, depression, fertility complications, 3 nervous break-downs, hives, stomach ulcers, asthma, chronic sore throats and swollen glandular nodes throughout my body.

Does this sound like you?

My state ‘of being’ was out-of-balance. I searched for answers, spent thousands of dollars on both traditional and non-traditional doctors and invested in alternative treatments + therapies to try and ‘fix me’.

Feeling sick all the time, my quality of life wasn’t good and with a genetic history of cancer, I lived a strict holistic lifestyle, with a focus on nutrition, organic and chemical free  – yes, I was doing all the right things.

But despite all this goodness, it simply wasn’t enough!! (Something was missing)

Overtime my imbalances, turned into Cancer …

Cancer was the catalyst for Change in my life – the strangely beautiful gift, which saved me from a life of emotional suffering.

My worst diagnosis, was to teach me – the healing gifts of Contented Living.

I believe that …Traditional Medicine – saved me, Holistic Therapies – supported me and my Intuitive Insights  – healed me.

My work brings Intuitive Healing Wisdom and Modern Science to the forefront and The Contented Life Method – is the result of a lifetime of personal study, research, life experience and intuitive insights which has lead to my personal healing.


The Contented Life Method, creates the perfect environment for positive gene expression, so that the body can self- rejuvenate and return to energetic, joyful, wellbeing.

This is the revolutionary new field of epigenetics,  a scientific study which proves, there is destiny beyond our DNA!

You can change your life –

My personal wellness journey has awakened my Psychic Insight and Life-Force Energy healing abilities and some people call me, A Modern Day Shaman.

I offer clients, a unique healing experience.

If you feel called to my work, please Contact me for a complimentary 45 minute call so we can connect (don’t worry I’ll set that up for you) All you have to do is take the first step on your journey and decide that you want to step on the path to Contentment!  –  LETS TALK

Live YOUR Contented Life.

With Love,