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Welcome and Congratulations on taking your first step towards your Contented Life!

To book your complimentary 45 minute Contented Life Breakthough call, please start by filling out this application form and then I'll email you with my available times so we can arrange a time to connect. Once we have a time, I will send you a Zoom conference call link, so all you have to do is click the link at the time of our call and we can connect from the convenience of your own home.

In your Contented Life Breakthough Session, we'll uncover your story, discover what's holding you back and identify your purpose is - the present moment purpose you need to give energy and attention to so that you can move forward in aligning with a contented life. During this call we will also decipher whether we're a good fit or not to work together.

I work with with intuition and insight along with energy medicine to help uncover whats holding you back.
My work is unique because I combine my Intuitive Healing Wisdom with Modern Science to guide you towards creating the change you want for your life.

Give yourself the gift of time - so that you can heal + transform your life.

Wendy xx

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