"I have a dream" one of the most powerful, inspirational speeches of our time ...


Are your circumstances blocking you from moving forward? With fears of not enough money, not enough time or you're overwhelmed at the thought of how to bring your dream to life!

What you really need to know is, until you take action on your dream, you are merely entertaining a thought.

I'm Wendy, I write about Slow Living the art of slowing down, in order to catch up with what really matters in life.  I choose to live from a place of centered calm and a deep knowing that 'I am enough' but it hasn't always been that way I used to hide my low sense of deserving behind pleasing others and  denying my self worth, eventually my body, mind and spirit  collapsed and I decided, I had suffered enough. Life is a gift, you can't hide and shut down, you have to find the courage to stand up and solidify your own journey of becoming..

I work with heart centered, nurturing creative women who want to move beyond stress, rise above emotional suffering and build dreams. I help women heal their own lives, embrace authentic living, calm their nervous systems and trust life after being hurt by life.


What I wish my mother had taught me :

  • have a daily stillness practice

  • move beyond fears

  • increase sense of self deserving

  • set boundaries

  • have a reliable method to ease stress


But most of all I wish my mother had taught me to BE MYSELF and be my own best friend. If you're struggling, I know what blocks you from the abundance, the money, the love, the health and the lifestyle you seek and it's in your emotions. I work with psychic insight, energy healing, researched knowledge and proven systems.


NO mud no Lotus - Life's pains challenge us to grow - if we resist - the pain just gets louder


Here's how I can help:

My signature program: The Contented Life Method ™- 8 foundational principles to honor your authentic self, bring inner peace, self-healing & abundance (read more)

Mary Morrisseys: DreamBuilder ® - a blueprint to help you clarify your life path, overcome your biggest blocks and build a life you love (read more)

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