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Hi I’m Wendy, Intuitive Lifestylist and creator of The Contented Life Method.

I work with a new generation of women who want to live Purposeful Lives but they are struggling and want HOPE + GUIDANCE.

Whether you’ve experienced trauma or a health challenge, or if you’re simply on a path of personal growth and change, I’ve created a simple 3-phase program for you.

My Program helps you develop the presence you need so that you can create the Wellness + lifestyle you want.

Life is too short to hide behind a broken smile or suffer in silence.

I help Simply the Journey for emotionally sensitive women who are being controlled, by their feeling of being out of control.


The Contented Life Method


3 steps to contentment

You want the Lifestyle + Well-Being

         Clear the Clutter first!

  • find reliable relief from anxiety + depression
  • release emotional trauma
  • change your habitual responses to stress
  • protect your personal energy + increase your energetic presence
  • live in the present moment + embrace self-love

 Interested in a sustainable path to Contented Living? 

Take the First Step on your Journey To Well-Being + Contentment.

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Release blocked energy and old stories.
Your Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions lie at the root of everything!

I created this special 60 minute SLOW session for you, to give you a sneak peek Introduction into one aspect of my work.

I want you to experience a taste of what’s possible for you when you begin to release what’s holding you back.
Start healing
If your suffering from stress, health disorders and emotional pain, you don’t need to suffer any longer because life doesn’t have to hurt! Step onto the path of beauty and chose to live your Contented Life!

Your Daily SLOW ….. Mindfulness Awareness practice of the day:

Take a moment of Slow to notice what your noticing in the present moment, how are you feeling? Where is this feeling showing up in your physical body?