Hi I'm Wendy,

I am a healer, writer, coach. I help warm-hearted compassionate women clear emotional stress, so they get to the ' root cause' of their struggles, and release old stories + patterns.

I healed my life from cancer, depression, trauma and low self-worth. Along my journey I discovered I'm naturally gifted with Psychic Insight + Energy Healing abilities, people call me; The Shaman.

I am a student of the master healer Deborah King and a certified DreamBuilder coach. I get to the root of emotional blocks fast and use practices + presence to support healing and facilitate dream building.

I teach women how to re-condition their minds  - so they know when + how to; Slow Down and take back conscious control of their thoughts, feelings + emotions; using a practice called Mindfulness.

Your Life + Time is Sacred, You deserve to live Your Contented Life.

But the truth is, most of us live in a fast-paced world where Slowing Down is taboo + unplugging from the matrix of ' busy' when your Overwhelmed is a challenge.

I show you how to Bend Time + learn how to be amongst the Chaos + the BUSY and sustain a peaceful state of mind for a happy life.