Are you ready to redefine what it means to live a meaningful life and discover how your daily life, habitual patterns and health are all connected?

Hello And Welcome!

I’m Wendy McMurdo, and I help people heal their lives through my gentle teachings of Comfort & JOY.

I am a Contented Coach and the creator of The Contented Life Method: guiding sensitive souls onto their true path to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

I work with a new generation of women who want to create Contented Lives but struggle with anxiety, worry and chronic illness. I teach them how to simplify the journey and establish sacred time for SLOW in amongst the busy – so that they can re-align and heal.

If you have unresolved emotional wounds are going through a health challenge, or if you’re simply on a path of personal growth & change..

I’ve created a Method, a Simple way of being, which changes everything…

Embracing simple abundance – is an inner journey.

If you want to manifest a life of JOY & Wellness you must acknowledge your inner needs and have reliable tools/ resources to help you nurture, nourish and rejuvenate, so that you can harness the creative energy, necessary to create a fulfilling life.

As a Contented Coach I take a holistic approach to serving my clients, I embrace all aspects of the self; the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual, combing Ancient Healing Wisdom with Modern Science to help my clients reach: A Contented Life!

Awaken your wellness

Every spirit builds itself a house, and beyond its house a world, and beyond it’s world a heaven. Know then that world exists for you.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

What world have you built around yourself?

What are the qualities of your habitual patterns, thoughts, feelings and, emotions?

Do you know how to take time for SLOW and self-nurturing?

I work with Compassion, Emotional Intelligence and Ancient Healing Wisdom to uncover unresolved emotions and blocked energies. Working at a energetic level, I get to the root of Abundance Blocks and Health Issues FAST!


It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth – and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up – that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as it it was the only one we had.

– Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Start healing

 My work is an invitation for you to become courageous and to trust the loving wisdom of your heart and allow yourself to Flourish.


The Contented Life Method


A simple 3-phase journey to help you cultivate the tools & practices you need to nurture, nourish & heal, so you can live A Contented Life.


Phase 1 – Harnessing The Healing Power of HOPE

In this first phase of your journey, you learn how to embrace HOPE & Healing through my gentle lessons, as you master your psychology.

Phase 2 – The Secret Gifts Of Slow & Self-Care  

Then as you enter into the 2nd phase your healing phase, you’ll learn how to Slow Down & consciously re-align your mind/body/spirit through self-nurturing. The secrets of self-healing will be activated.

Phase 3 – Contentment at the Core of Happiness & Health

In this final phase of your journey, you learn how to live from a place of Contentment – so that you can consciously create, the perfect environment for happiness, joy and well-being.

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