When you make time for Slow & Stillness you give yourself the Gift of Time.

Hi I’m Wendy,

Are you a Nicegirl? An Empathic woman with an enormous Nurturing Heart?

Your super power is Connecting with people –  you’re generous and kind. But, could your inability to say ‘no’ to others  effect your well-being?

Without clear boundaries and your own voice – you could have the “I’M NOT WORTHY” success blocker holding you back.

Does this sounds like you?

I get it, I was once that woman – a ‘Nicegirl’ who gave too much and loved too much until one-day… I woke and found myself – depleted, drained and dis-eased.

And then .. I chose to connect with my Courageous Feminine spirit!

Here’s how I can help

I am an Intuitive Lifestylist for women that want to pursue their Dreams with Confidence and lead from their Feminine but, they’re afraid and struggle with an inner-voice of Self-Doubt, Worry + Anxiety – self Sabotaging behaviors born of Fear.

I offer packages and sessions to help Balance + Protect depleted energies, increase Personal Confidence + Self-Worth, Reduce Anxiety and Enhance Well-being.

I’d like to GIFT YOU an Emotional Block Clearing + Intuitive Reading!

About me pictureFor ONLY $47.00 !! Valued at $159.00

I’m opening the doors and welcoming you into my world through this sneak peak introductory session.

Receive a 45 minute Emotional Block Clearing + Energy Healing session with me from anywhere in the world!

My work is unique and powerful, I specialize in working with Emotions + Energy, my psychic gifts and insights serve as a bridge between the unconscious + conscious minds of my clients.

I facilitate change in a gentle process of shifting blocked energy that helps release stress, brings comfort and assists in releasing past traumas – so you can BRING THE BALANCE BACK!
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Did you know that Slow Living is one of the SECRETS I used to heal my life from Cancer?

In our modern – busy world, we can get caught up and lost in the chaos – sometimes we even forget what matters most to us. When we make time for Slow and Purposeful Living we tune into what matters most – My teachings connect you to the healing benefits of slow.

Your Daily SLOW ….. Mindfulness Awareness practice of the day:

Take a moment of Slow to feel into these questions:

In what ways do you just go along with the agendas of others?

How often do you say ‘yes’ to others without stopping to consider what is best for you?