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Discover the Secret

to contented living

Hi, I’m Wendy

I help women become UNSHAKABLE so that no matter what is going on around them in their worlds, they know how to stay grounded and in control of their lives!!!

I do this through teaching them ‘daily slow’ practices to help them release stress and anxiety, improve immune function and decrease inflammation in the body, so that they can sleep better and have increased energy for happier lives.

Do you have the time for self-care.Do you have the time for self-care.Do you have the time for self-care.

The one thing people don’t talk about

 when it comes to better health and happiness is..

Knitting for relaxation and creativity


… the vital importance of learning how to live from a contented calm state …


Why you ask?

If you live in a stressful state you are not in healing!!! Your body does not prioritize self-rejuvenation when it is in survival mode.

The PROBLEM is we live in a busy world and life is stressful!

Most people don’t know how to relax,  practice self-care or read the distress signals their nervous system is sending them and they are time poor.

The SOLUTION is knowing how to support, relieve and nourish your nervous system and consciously shift your state from Stressed to Contented, in amongst your everyday life.

The Contented Life Method teaches you how!


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Spring Cleaning for your emotions

learning how to let go


Do you feel stuck in the past, in old stories and traumas?

Does worry and anxiety consume your thoughts? Clearing out clutter, Spring Cleaning your emotions will bring you clarity, confidence and ignite your passion for life.

The Stillness Point Activation Program, IS THE FIRST STEP towards feeling more grounded, present and in control of your life.


Start Discovering your Beautiful Contented Life!

The Contented Life Method

Signature Nourishing System



The Contented Life method is a unique body of work combining Ancient Healing Wisdom with Modern Science to bring women closer to their true feminine potential, so that they can live their best lives.

It is for women who are looking to go deeper, with support and one-to-one guidance to take them to their own inner healer and to the Beauty of Contented Living.

What The Contented Life Method JOURNEY looks like with me:

Phase 1 – Harness The Healing Power of HOPE

In this first phase of your journey, you will be supported as I help you re-connect to HOPE. My gentle guidance will nurture you as you learn how to make space in your life, for contented living.

Phase 2 – The Secret Gifts Of Slow & Self-Care

As you step onto the path of greater life fulfillment, you learn how to intentionally Slow Down, set boundaries and consciously Re-Align your mind/body/spirit.

Phase 3 – Contentment at the Core of Happiness & Health

In this final phase of your journey, you learn how to live from a place of Contentment so that you can consciously cultivate the perfect environment for happiness, well-being and life success in all areas of your life through practicing self-compassion and self-care.

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