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to contented living

Hi, I’m Wendy

I help over-giving women re-claim their personal power guiding them on the path to become unshakable so that no matter what is going on around them, they know how to stay grounded and in control of their wellness and their lives!!!

The practical tools that I teach in The Contented Life Method can help release stress and anxiety, improve immune function and decrease inflammation in the body, leading to better sleep and increased energy.



Did you know that when you live with constant low levels of stress

you are not in healing mode!!!

Knitting for relaxation and creativity


You are in Survival Mode!



The PROBLEM: We live in a busy world, life can be stressful. Especially if you are a over-giving woman!!!

The SOLUTION: Have a simple sustainable method which soothes your stress, and supports your nervous system so that your body can shift into healing and you can feel better FAST!

The Contented Life Method teaches you how.


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Before you start the contented life method lets do a Spring Clean for your Emotions

I recommend we clear out your closet first!


Clearing out your emotional clutter, and welcoming energetic balance FIRST offers you the opportunity to experience a energetic shift BEFORE we dive deeper in The Contented Life Practices.


Let’s set you up for a Stillness Point Activation session first

The Contented Life Method

Signature Nourishing System



The Contented Life method is a unique body of work combining Ancient Healing Wisdom with Modern Science to bring women closer to their true feminine potential, so that they can live their best lives.

It is for women who are looking to go deeper, with support and one-to-one guidance to take them to their own inner healer and to the Beauty of Contented Living.

What The Contented Life Method JOURNEY looks like with me:

Phase 1 – Harness The Healing Power of HOPE

In this first phase of your journey, you will be supported as I help you re-connect to HOPE. My gentle guidance will nurture you as you learn how to make space in your life, for contented living.

Phase 2 – The Secret Gifts Of Slow & Self-Care

As you step onto the path of greater life fulfillment, you learn how to intentionally Slow Down, set boundaries and consciously Re-Align your mind/body/spirit.

Phase 3 – Contentment at the Core of Happiness & Health

In this final phase of your journey, you learn how to live from a place of Contentment so that you can consciously cultivate the perfect environment for happiness, well-being and life success in all areas of your life through practicing self-compassion and self-care.

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