Are you ready to redefine what it means to live a meaningful life & leave exhaustion, anxiety + chronic illness behind?

Hi I’m Wendy McMurdo, intuitive coach & creator of The Contented Life Method – helping sensitive souls heal, so they can live empowered bold beautiful lives!

I teach people how to change their perception & their thinking so that they can create the perfect inner environment for emotional balance + wellness.

If you have unresolved emotional wounds are going through a health challenge, or if you’re simply on a path of personal growth & change…this is for you.

IF you’re ready to passionately engage in your life, bring healing & experience deep fulfillment, you’re in the right place!

Healing & Happiness

To truly heal your life, one must take all aspects of the self into consideration…the physical, energetic, emotional, mental & spiritual.

Our modern world is experiencing a epidemic of emotionally based/stress disorders & diseases.

Until now there was only two types of emotional therapy: one was long & laborious, and the other was a band-aid method.

I’ve developed a cutting-edge healing modality to help you HEAL EMOTIONAL TRAUMAS from the past & align your energetic state QUICKLY!

Ancient Healing Wisdom & Emotional Intelligence allows me to see into the energy of another person & link it to their state of emotional & physical health, so I can get to the root of the problem fast!


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Give yourself The healing Gift of TIME – to SLOW DOWN the busy & connect with yourself at a deep unconscious level.

It is time to uncover your unconscious core wounds & begin to get unstuck & reclaim your life!!


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Signature System

The Contented Life Method

Contented life journey to wellness and happiness


The Contented Life Method is a simple supportive 3-phase journey to guide you onto the path towards personal fulfillment, giving you the tools & practices to help you nurture, nourish & heal!


Phase 1 – Harnessing The Healing Power of HOPE

In this first phase of your journey, you will learn reliable practices to help you gently, begin to master your psychology and begin to feel safe and in control of your wellness.

I will teach you how to consciously shift your focus from overwhelm, stress, anxiety & physical pain to the potential within you to feel healthy, fulfilled, safe & purposeful in any moment.


Phase 2 – The Secret Gifts Of Slow & Self-Care  

Then as you enter into the 2nd phase of your journey, you’ll learn how to re-train your brain, so that you are more consciously aware & alert to the signals your body sends you.

Crucial to this healing phase of your journey you will learn how to Slow Down & consciously re-align your mind/body to balance & rejuvenation.

I’ll help you design your own healing prescription & self-care routine!


Phase 3 – Contentment at the Core of Happiness & Health

In this phase of your journey you’ll learn how to create sustainable levels of joy, increased wellness, balanced energy & the courage to reach for your dreams! You will know how to live from a place of Contentment so that you can consciously create the perfect environment for positive gene expression, & finally feel safe & empowered within your own skin.

There is a better way..

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