Hello I’m Wendy McMurdo!!

I support women (and a few good men) who are going through a health crisis.

I teach them the practices, tools and principals they’ll need to activate positive change in their biology and genetic expression.


Born as a result of a cancer diagnosis, I’ve taken my life experiences + intuitive gifts and packaged them into a Comprehensive Lifestyle Change Program.

As a writer/storyteller and Medical Intuitive ~ I share my body of work creatively through story and private mentoring.

New Book: Become The Contented Woman

I help people see that they’re not who they think they are and help them see that they are who they chose to become… 


~come wander with me~

Would you like to heal your old story, so you can relieve stress, reduce inflammation and increase cellular wellness?
If you do – you’ll need to change who you are as a person.
You’ll have to become the woman… who is in control of her health and her destiny!

~ The Journey to Wellness ~


My Old Story – I used to feel controlled by anxiety, depression, auto immune dysfunctions, asthma, chronic badder infections, adrenal fatigue, hives, chronic stress, migraines, leaky gut syndrome, stomach ulcers.

I felt controlled by my health conditions, and was resigned to live a life of exhaustion, illness and overwhelm!

Then in 2008 I experienced a stillbirth, a near death experience and a CANCER diagnosis…

I’m grateful for our traditional and holistic medical establishments they played a crucial role in my return to wellness.

HOWEVER when I became the Contented Woman, I completely turned my life turned around.

My work bridges the GAP left by the medical and holistic establishments!

On a personal note

Living in the beautiful semi tropical Northern Rivers of Australia, in the Tweed Hinterlands with my family of five.

I have personal interests in: modern positive psychology, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, mindfulness, quantum healing, energy medicine, the intuitive brain, conscious parenting and ancestral/ generational patterning and inherited trauma.

As a qualified Dream Builder Coach and Medical Intuitive I am equipped to help sensitive people re-build their lives.

If my work calls to you – contact me – to set up a complimentary zoom online call so we can connect and decipher if we’re a good fit to work together – I work locally, in person or internationally.

LOVE your life, like your LIFE depends upon it – because it does!