Embrace your shadow for a contented life

Wendy McMurdo is a womens empowerment expert and mentor, leading the way to help sensitive, empathic women create lives of increased Wellness, Purpose and Meaning.

As a Intuitive Empath Wendy is able to physically feel and work with the energy of other people, helping them resolve stress, depression, chronic fatigue, auto immune illness, energy sensitivity and much more.

Wendy specializes in helping women take back conscious control of their lives, when they feel their lives are out of control!

Her area of interest and expertise is in the field of Emotional Literacy and Energy Medicine, as a avid researcher she continues her personal study in these areas.

More about Wendy

Soon to be author of her first book, Wendy was born a highly sensitive child, and absorbed the energies of others and the world around her, suffering most of her life with chronic illness including chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, low grade immune system dysfunctions, anxiety, insomnia, depression and thyroid imbalances.

As a people pleaser, Wendy struggled to find balance in her life not only in her health, but also with her personal relationships, experiencing domestic violence and a self-abusive acceptace of ‘less than’ in her life, until one day life gave her a wake up call.

In 2008 after the loss of a stillborn baby, followed by a cervical hemorrhage due to a miscarriage and near death experience, Wendy was diagnosed with cervical cancer – and with a genetic cancer history – this diagnosis, was to be the catalyst for change in her life.

Cancer was the gift which propelled her into her true role as a inspirational teacher and writer in the healing arts, and Wendy is dedicated to sharing her message of HOPE to women who give too much, love too much and deny themselves their wholeness – She wants to see less suffering in the world to depression and disease.

Wendy learned how to move beyond her health conditions and re-claim her life after a lifetime of over-giving to others without boundaries, and a low sense of her true value.

She learned how to transform her Senstivity from a challenge into her greatest Strength!

Mother to 3 children, living with her Jamaican born partner in the beautiful semi tropical Northern Rivers of Australia, Wendy’s gentle teachings encourage unconditional self-acceptance and self-nourishment – through taking time for SLOW to honor your life…in particular during times of emotional struggle, depression and dis-ease.

The magic in her method is in its simplicity –

Wendy believes the Soul-lution to many of life’s struggles can be found in the subtle messages our bodies send us on a daily basis, through our physical, emotional and mental discomfort.

She offers HOPE to a new generation of women, who are courageous enough to journey into what it takes to Become A Contented Woman – so that they can cultivate happier, healthier lives,experience more loving realtionships and raise Emotionally Literate Contented Children – for a better future for our planet.