Embrace your shadow for a contented life

Wendy McMurdo is a mentor, coach and medical intuitive specializing in mind-body healing for women who are suffering from anxiety, depression and adrenal fatigue.

Wendy also works with women experiencing auto-immune dis-eases and/or other chronic health conditions.

The mission behind her work is to see less suffering due to emotional pain and dis-ease throughout the world and to start a new generation of empowered Contented Women – who no longer over-give in their relationships in order to worthy.

More about Wendy

Mother to 3 children, living with her partner in the beautiful Northern Rivers, Wendy’s gentle teachings encourage self-acceptance and self-care.

The magic in her method is its simplicity – learned from her own personal experience.

Wendy grew up surrounded by healers, alternative therapists, research scientists and leaders in the field of wellness. She studied Holistic Aromatherapy and has many other healing modalities, combined with her deep interest in generational patterning and how it influences our health and well-being, Wendy offers her clients a unique life-changing experience.

Wendy used her body as an ‘Active LAB’ after suffering anxiety, depression and being diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2008. She made SLOW and Self-Care her daily ritual amongst other lifestyle changes. During this time she witnessed major shifts within herself and her well-being, including a increase in her intuitive gifts and energy medicine healing abilities.

Teaching Slow Living for Wellness workshops and hosting gatherings in the Northern Rivers (NSW Australia), Wendy expresses herself in the healing arts through her visual photography, creative writings and through the collective energy of community.

Wendy inspires others with her insights into healing and simple joyful living.

If you relate to the over-giving empathic woman who is suffering from feeling depleted, drained and maybe even dis-eased Wendy can help you.