You deserve to live a Contented Life!

About me picture Hello Welcome to Contented Life!!

I’m Wendy & my job as a Contented Coach is to teach others how to live from a place of Contentment so that they can self-rejuvenate & self-heal through changing their habitual patterns & unconscious stress responses to life.

I’m also a mother & wife, consciously parenting my 3 children with my partner in our dream location of Northern NSW, Australia. I love to forage for wild foods or grow our own, create with my hands (knitting, stitching & interior design) and I style my life by design.

My life experience: has shown me that the body knows how to heal (& will heal) when you give it the right conditions & success is a learnable art!

My Mission: To see less suffering in the world to emotional pain, depression, anxiety & dis-ease.

My Story: I’ve always been incredibly compassionate and gentle, a peace-maker. Giving to others first, being ‘a good person’ I was a  Nice Girl – with no time for Slow or Self-Care – I was always busy & life, felt like a constant struggle to please others.

My core wounding: A low sense of self-worth & the inability to self-recognize my true value.

I sought recognition from others to feel good about myself, which lead to toxic relationships, lack of confidence & dis-ease.

Can you relate to the plight of the Nice girl?

Stress effected my wellbeing & quality of life. Living day-to-day with low to high levels of stress I suffered with a long list of non-specific health conditions starting early in life with: chronic bladder infections > migraines > insomnia > irritable bowel syndrome > lower back pain > nervous breakdowns > stomach ulcers > acne > nausea > candida > chronic sore throats > depression > glandular dysfunctions > abnormal cervical dysplasia > anxiety >  hives > thyroid imbalance > chronic fatigue syndrome > bronchial asthma.

I share this list of health conditions because in hindsight I can see a predictable time-line of symptoms – triggers to a underlying dysfunction created by my core wound.

Does any of this sound familiar?

My state ‘of being’ was out-of-balance, I searched for answers, spent thousands of dollars on both traditional & non-traditional doctors & invested in alternative treatments & therapies to try and ‘fix me’.

I researched the research looking for the missing piece to my puzzle.

Feeling sick all the time, my quality of life wasn’t good & with a genetic history of cancer, I lived a strict holistic lifestyle, with a focus on nutrition, organic & chemical free from the 1980’s onwards yes, I was doing all the right things…

But despite all this goodness, it simply wasn’t enough & my poor health & anxiety/depression was controlling my LIFE!!!

Cancer was the catalyst for Change in my life – the strangely beautiful gift, which saved me from a life of emotional suffering & imbalance. My worst diagnosis, was to teach me – the healing gifts of Contented Living & I believe that …Traditional Medicine – saved me, Holistic Therapies – supported me & my Intuitive Insights & lifestyle changes  – healed me.

My work brings Intuitive Healing Wisdom & Modern Science to the forefront, The Contented Life Method – is the result of a lifetime of personal study, research, life experience and intuitive insights which has lead to my personal healing.



The Contented Life Method, creates the perfect environment for positive gene expression, so that the body can self- rejuvenate & return to energetic, joyful, wellbeing.

This is the revolutionary new field of epigenetics,  a scientific study which proves, there is destiny beyond our DNA!

You can change your life – by the way you live it.

My personal wellness journey has awakened my Psychic Wisdom and Life-Force Energy healing abilities & some people call me, A Modern Day Shaman.

I offer clients, a unique healing experience, I work kinesthetically & can feel energy, emotions & blocks, working with energy I can help you clear them.

If you resonate with my work, please Contact me for a complimentary 45 minute Contented Call LETS TALK

Live YOUR Contented Life.

With Love,