Change your Life by connecting with your Courageous Feminine Spirit.

About me picture Hi there – I used to suffer in silence until, I discovered the gifts of SLOW + Authentic Living and I healed my life.

My Story: I have always been incredibly compassionate + gentle: a Peace-Maker. Giving to others first, being ‘a good person’ I felt needed and worthy. Yes, I was a Nice Girl!!

The problem was, I didn’t have boundaries, I wasn’t embodied and I didn’t know how to protect my energies… I was vulnerable and wound up in toxic relationships. Drained + depleted living with chronic fatigue and anxiety, I wondered if I would ever live a normal life?

I was unaware of my generational Nice Girl Syndrome patterning, the voice in my head which told me, I was not pretty enough, not smart enough or worthy of life success.

I denied my wholeness, I didn’t have a voice, and I pushed down my Rage. I refused to ‘feel’ my emotional pain, which overtime turned into anxiety, illness and even, Cancer!

Does that sound like YOU?

My family has a genetic history of cancer, so from the 1980’s onward I’ve lived a holistic life with a focus on nutrition, organic + chemical free. Our families predisposition to cancer was the focus of my mothers life mission, she was a leader in her field of holistic nutritional medicine. And we were doing all the right things.

But despite all this goodness, it simply wasn’t enough!

I suffered with migraines, anxiety, chronic fatigue, a thyroid imbalance, leaky gut syndrome, adrenal burn-out, insomnia, depression, fertility complications, 2 nervous break-downs an under-active immune system dysfunction and my wake-up call, Cancer.

Traditional medicine saved me and holistic therapies nurtured me back to wellbeing, but I believe… it is my insights into SLOW + Mindfulness which sustained me and changed the course of my life…

My mother passed away to cancer in 2013 – she died to the same cancer as her sister. With my own diagnosis of cancer, I found the courage to go deeper, I researched the research for my own survival and developed my body of work and the belief that there is destiny beyond our DNA!

The Contented Life Method creates the perfect environment for positive gene expression and the body’s ability to self rejuvenate and heal. This is the revolutionary new field of epigenetics. A exciting evolution because it means we are no longer defined by our family genetic diseases.

I now no longer suffer from anything ‘chronic’ or ‘autoimmune’ ..I know how to decode my body’s signals and how to turn on my body’s own ability to heal..Anxiety no longer controls or restricts my experience of life.

I have found inner harmony and freedom within to be myself.

Fun Facts – My Personal life Bio

I’m a mother to 3 young children, 3 chickens + partnered to my Jamaican man. Together we live in semi-tropical northern N.S.W Australia, living by the values of Slow Living + Conscious Parenting.

We’re a creative family – living a alternative lifestyle by choice. We forage + cook from scratch, up-cycle and make things with our hands, Slow Making Knitting and Styling Life. I have a Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy and many more healing modalities in my experience.

I love TO RESEARCH and Write. I am currently writing my first book which I hope to publish in 2018!!

A world traveler from a young age, I’ve lived in Japan, America + New Zealand – traveling to many more countries with a love of languages, food and culture.

Life has gifted me with Psychic Insight + Energy Healing abilities. People call me, A Modern Day Shaman. I relate to the wisdom of our Ancient Elders and have a deep calling to what the native Traditions call the ‘path of beauty’  which translates to living in harmony both within yourself and in the outside world.


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Create your Beautiful, Empowered Life!

With Love,