WELCOME I’m Wendy McMurdo, and I’m the author of the upcoming book:

A New Generation – Change the destiny of your children.

I use the art of Storytelling to unpack what I’ve learned on my journey FROM Diseased, Depressed and Disconnected … TO

CONTENTED and able to cope with the pressures of modern day life – despite living in a overly anxious world!

My work empowers sensitive over-giving women, and a few good men with the tools necessary to take full ownership of their lives, so they can RISE above their old limiting story and heal the conditions of their past.

It is time to know how to model Contented Living so your children can be of the NEW Generation emotionally resilient and with high emotional IQ so they can survive a fast changing world.


Would you like to know the secret behind The Contented Codes?


I call in a NEW Generation of concious people who are ready to heal generational sacred wounds AND break thru limiting inherited patterns. It is time to become CONTENTED!!

 Start your JOURNEY – Give yourself the GIFT of TIME.

~come wander with me~

Your old story – the story which lives in your unconcious mind: dictates how your life unfolds!!!

Old Stories live in the nervous system, they exist at a cellular level AND they are absolutely influencing your health and in fact ALL of your experiences of life! Old stories are formed in the womb, they are in-printed in your DNA – inherited from your ancestors and are further enhanced by your own life experiences.

AND guess what – your Old Story is at play whether you are aware of it or not therefore you MUST learn how to: write a new story for your life!

MY expertise is helping people un-cover their OLD STORY through ‘a intuitive guided process’ AND then with supportive mentorship and reliable tools I help people write a NEW STORY for their life!

~ The Journey to Wellness ~


My Old Story – I used to suffer and feel ‘controlled’ by anxiety, depression, auto immune dysfunctions, asthma, chronic badder infections, chronic fatigue, migranes, leaky gut syndrome, abnormal pregnancies –

My old story, left me feeling controlled by my health conditions, and I was resigned to live a life of exhaustion, illness and overwhelm!

My old story was of being a good girl, a people pleaser and with victim mentality, I attracted situations of abuse –  with my old story of low self worth.

AND then in 2008 I experienced a stillbirth, a near dealth experience and a CANCER diagnosis and with a genetic history of cancer my mission: became to decode the wellness puzzle, heal, and re-claim my quality of life.

I am grateful for our medical establishments they have saved my life five times! AND play a cruical role in wellness, as do our holistic establishments HOWEVER their is a missing piece to the wellness puzzle AND I believe I’ve found it!

If you’re a open minded sensitive, empathic person – ready to heal the old patterns which hold you back from the wellness and life fullfillment you want, I can help you!!


My work bridges the GAP left by the medical and holistic establishments!


On a personal note

Living in the beautiful semi tropical Northern Rivers of Australia, in the Tweed Hinterlands with my family of five – my life calls me to LOVE IT – to be the best version of myself so that my three children can live beyond their inherited patterns of the past.

Motherhood is sacred to me, I’ve dedicated the past fourteen years to conscious parenting my three children full time – with awareness around breaking familiar lineage limiting belief patternings.

I believe there is destiny beyond your DNA and you can change the destiny of your children by the way you love and model life!!!

If my work calls to you – contact me – to set up a complimentary phone call to connect and decipher if we’re a good fit to work together –

‘When the student is ready – the teacher will appear.’

Let’s get you started on the path towards a Contented LIFE.