Change your Life by connecting with your Courageous Feminine Spirit.

About me pictureHi-there I used to be a Nicegirl!! 

My Story: I have always been incredibly compassionate + gentle: a Peace-Maker. Giving to others first and being ‘a good person’ I felt…needed and worthy..

The problem was I didn’t have good boundaries, I wasn’t embodied and I didn’t know how to protect my energies…

Yes, I was vulnerable and wound up in toxic relationships. I suffered in silence, behind a friendly smile.

Drained + depleted living with chronic fatigue, I wondered if I would ever live a normal life?

And with a subconscious belief pattern of not enough – not pretty enough, not smart enough and not lovable enough – I was living with Nice Girl Syndrome and had a Success Blocker of – I’m not Worthy!

I denied my wholeness, I didn’t have a voice, and I pushed down my Rage which overtime turned into anxiety, illness and even, Cancer.

Does this sound like YOU?

You see the things is ….

My family has a genetic history of cancer, so from the 1980’s onward I’ve lived a holistic life with a focus on nutrition, organic + chemical free, living by the values of Slow Living – growing our own fruit and vegetables in a suburban backyard – living consciously – I was doing all the right things.

But despite all this goodness, it simply wasn’t enough!

I suffered with migraines, anxiety, chronic fatigue, a thyroid imbalance, leaky gut syndrome, adrenal burn-out, insomnia, depression, fertility complications, 2 nervous break-downs and…my wake-up call, Cancer.

There was a missing piece to my well-being puzzle and I spent thousands of dollars searching for answers.

My Ah-Ha moment and the missing piece to my puzzle: Came when I realized I wasn’t broken and I didn’t need fixing. Facing cancer gave me the courage and the commitment to connect with my Courageous Feminine Spirit and I discovered…

The 6 Core Elements that lead to my Triumph over my life struggles !

Through traditional medicine and the implementation of the 6 Core Elements, my health began its upward spiral to well-being and slowly… I found my voice and stepped into my power.

Along my journey I’ve researched the research and made the connection between our Emotions, Stress + Immunity.

Would you like to know how to protect yourself energetically and stay centered no matter what?

You don’t need to go down that path of dis-ease, depression or relationship struggles – Haven’t you suffered enough?

Give yourself the gift of time…because Nicegirls really do finish last, unless they know how to Slow Down and L.O.V.E themselves first.

Fun Facts – My Personal life Bio

I’m a mother to 3 young children, 3 chickens + partnered to my Jamaican man. Together we live in semi-tropical northern N.S.W Australia, living by the values of Slow Living + Conscious Parenting.

We’re a creative family – living a alternative lifestyle by choice. We forage + cook from scratch, up-cycle and make things with our hands, Slow Making Knitting and Styling Life.

A world traveler from a young age, I’ve lived in Japan, America + New Zealand – traveling to many more countries with a love of languages, food and culture.

Life has gifted me with Psychic Insight + Energy Healing abilities. People call me, A Modern Day Shaman.

I teach the 6 Core Elements in all of my programs because they are foundational to Igniting Change.


Transform your Nicegirl into a Courageous Feminine Woman!

Life is Magnificent on the other side of Struggle – I’d love to hear your story and help you connect with your Contented Life . Contact me to set up a Connection call to see if we’re a good fit –  Contact me

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SLOW DOWN + GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF TIME to Heal and Connect with your Courageous Feminine Spirit!!

Create your Beautiful, Empowered Life!

With Love,