Embrace your shadow for a contented life

Wendy McMurdo is a Author, Empathic Healer, and Facilitator of Daily SLOW Practices helping women navigate ‘the anxiety experience’ of life.

She  provides gentle guidance and mentorship to a new generation of conscious women who are willing to do whatever it takes to master their nervous systems, so they can overcome mental and emotional pain and re-claim their wellness, energy and JOY for life!

Wendy shares ‘her secret sauce recipe’ in her personal mentorship program


‘Mastery of the Nervous System’ a Simple 3 phase Journey to wellness


Working with a 3 step transformational process she shares practical ways you can immediately apply the practices in your life – so you begin to feel better fast!

  1. The first step to re-claiming your life is to identify the blocks and barrers which are at play in your life – you must uncover your old story!
  2. The second step is to cultivate new practices and skills so you can disrupt your old patterns at a cellular level and re-wire in a new empowering story.
  3. The third step is to have support and the guidance while you integrate and re-pattern at a cellular level.


The foundational principals taught in Mastery of the Nervous System are what Wendy credits as the source of her return to wellness and the grounding to her personal confidence to be seen and heard.


What sets Wendy aside from other coaches, healers and therapists?

Wendy organically calls on her gifts of intuition and energy medicine to get to the root of old stories FAST.

With knowledge in the transformational industry and her Daily SLOW practices Wendy’s Mastery of the Nervous System is a journey where you will FEEL better knowing that you’re supported with prooven practices to help you ‘respond’ to life with confidence rather than from a state of anxiety.

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More about Wendy

Wendy was born a highly sensitive child, a empathic child without boundaries into a nurturing feminine woman who unknowingly diffused her light into the world around her, until she became depleated, depressed and diseased.

Struggling with chronic illness much of her life, Wendy’s personal quest became the focus of her life as she searched for a solution to uncover the missing link – to her immune system dysfunctions and suffering to mental pain.

Then in 2008 after years of being unwell, and after the loss of a stillborn baby, a miscarriage/ and near death experience, Wendy was diagnosed with cervical cancer – at this time, she began to receive direct intutive insights into: How to Transform and Self-Heal.

On her journey to wellness, she used both traditional and alternative medicine – along with her simple ‘daily SLOW’ practices and transformational inner work – Wendy lives a life of wellness and no longer suffers from 90% of her past ailments.

It is Wendy’s belief that our old stories, live in our nervous system, existing at a cellular level – potentially disrupting our ability to heal.


Fun facts about Wendy

Motherhood is a sacred role for Wendy, and she is driven by her love to raise contented children. Passionate about concious parenting there is a book in the birthing on this subject.

On a personal note

The Art of Slow Living and finding Gratitude in: The Simple JOYS of life – is a theme to which Wendy lives her life. An artist by nature, creative with her hands – BEAUTY is expressed in all that she does.

Living in the beautiful semi tropical Northern Rivers of Australia with her family of five, Wendy’s gentle teachings encourage unconditional self-acceptance and self-nourishment for a healthier, happier SELF-FULLFILLED life.


Get the first chapter of Wendy’s soon to be released book BEAUTY IN THE MUD here