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Life is a journey, an unfolding experience....we all experience life in our own unique ways, there are no right or wrong ways to experience life, however it is my hope for all peoples of the world, that we learn how to experience more contentment and harmony in our lives for wellbeing and joy.

I am Wendy 44 years of age, a mother, a wife, a creative maker, a gypsy traveler, a photographer, a writer. I love hosting gatherings around long tables with fine home cooked foods of the world, yes I love to cook. I lived in Japan for many years, I speak Japanese, I love languages and peeking into the world with all its diversity and cultural differences.

I am a mother to 3 little people, my most beloved little ones and nurturing them during their younger days has been my focus for many years, I have brought them up with holistic living as our daily.

My family ground me as does expressing my creative gifts, I believe my work creates a certain energy; when you step into my images, writing, coaching sessions, workshops or indeed into my personal energy zone, you will feel calm, you will feel the stillness, you will feel the connection and the honesty of my work, the quiet power within my work.

I believe you will know that I have walked in the dark and that I have found contentment and wellness.

I speak 100% my truth I do not just teach, I have lived what I teach.  I believe you can change the outcome of your life, when you take responsibility for your life and the messages your body is sharing with you through your health conditions.

I once suffered with chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, the inability to work, my anxiety and mental disposition held me hostage and kept me playing small. I lived with irritable bowel, stomach ulcers, hives and a low immune system, my glands constantly swelling, a chronic sore throat, migraine headaches and so on.

When I got cervical cancer, spirit spoke to me, I listened ,I embraced the mindset of determination to uncover all that held me back, to set myself free and to change the outcome of my life..I decided that death did not have to be the outcome for me and this is my most passionate message to share. It is one that moves me to tears, having lost my aunty and mother to cancer and other family members on my fathers side of the family. I grew up living a 'clean life' a holistic life of organic and home grown, no chemicals in any of our home products or skin care and yet we have experienced illness.

I healed my life and now I share my story because death does not have to be the outcome. You can change your experience with dise-ease.

I no longer experience gut issues, glandular swelling or low immunity, my chronic fatigue is very mild and I know when I experience fatigue or hives it is a response to my stress levels. My depression and anxiety is for the most part calm however it is also effected by stress, though these days I know how to bring myself back to Centre quickly.

My cancer is gone and I would like to say that I used both traditional medical treatments and holistic treatments. I believe my mindset is my greatest tool.

Sharing this message is my life's purpose; the message is life giving and I am here to guide you should you want to take the next step.

I am dedicated to sharing this message of hope, through my life experience and I feel called to speak my truth.

Get in contact with me: wendy@contentedlife.com.au

LIVE YOUR LIFE  was the message my mother shared with me as she was dying of terminal cancer : Live a life you Love.

Wendy xxx


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