"LIfe has always been my best teacher"


What if...

You decided to show up and humbly readied yourself to pursue life at a whole new level?

Hi, I'm Wendy McMurdo. I have grown into my role of a writer, healer, life coach, slow living mentor and  creative maker.  I am gifted with psychic insights, in particular around emotions. I bring hope to a world where there is far too much focus on scarcity and negativity, I help women shift their focus so that they develop a deep inner knowing that all the answers to their suffering lie within them, they can choose to change the course of their life, if they are willing, it all starts with mindfulness and slow living.

From stressed out, depressed and living with chronic illness and yes cancer - to healing and courage, I found peace and freedom within.

I am here because I would like to see a world where there is less suffering to dis-ease and emotional trauma - I believe in kindness and global unity. My work will gently peel back the layers, which you have so sweetly packed away and bring to your attention a whole new awareness around how you process your emotions.

Why I am so passionate about sharing my story

Genetic cancer runs in our family, we were brought up with this awareness,  my mother was 'the guru' when it came to health and wellbeing, but she died 5 years ago of cancer, and the experience of watching her die was and still is painful, especially painful because I watched her sister, my aunty die in the same way some years before.

My diagnosis of cancer, was the beginning of my authentic life, which is why I call my cancer the gift which changed my life.

I work with gentle hearted women who struggle with setting boundaries, saying no, expressing their voice, being seen, putting themselves and their dreams first, people pleasing with a low sense of deserving. I help women rise above there emotions, find courage and passion to build a life they love.

I have been featured in The Canberra Times

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6 Things you may not know about me

  • I lived in Japan on and off for 5 years / speak Japanese /eat Japanese as our main diet (yes I cook home style Japanese)
  • I am a gypsy by nature and love to travel and would love to explore all of the cultures of the world
  • I love to forage for wild fruits, mushrooms or edible weeds and grow my own vegetables/fruit
  • I have a keen eye for design and have furnished our family home from rubbish tip finds (all lovely Scandinavian vintage mixed with Moroccan flair )
  • Motherhood is a role I value, I have 3 children and have been a dedicated mother for 12 years, staying at home with my children.
  • I love a gathered table of local farmers market produce, home grown, home made ( I am a good cook) 

When you're ready to commit to your life you will find life opens up for you

I show you how to calm, nourish, increase your sense of deserving, stand in your truth without apologies, find peace of mind in the chaos, have a awareness around pleasing others and how it hurts you, self regulate and heal your own body, take action on your dream, increase your self-love and release those emotional traumas. You will learn the importance of stillness.

Clarity and calm paves the road to your magnificent life.

Do you want a wonderful life, filled with love, joy, financial success, friendships and time to live the good life, time to slow down and appreciate the joy of life.

If the answer is "a deep inner knowing and a big YES", I am ready to help you tap into your inner genius, nourish your soul, clear your emotional blocks and get more clarity around your path and purpose, my signature course is aligned to help you shift.

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Professional BIO

Wendy McMurdo is a writer, creator of The Contented Life Method,  DreamBuilder coach, mentor and intuitive energy healer. Known for my compassionate heart- felt coaching and deep understanding of the energetic emotional connection between wellbeing and life success.

Her visionary insights in the field of psychoneuroimmunology ( the study of the effects of the mind on health and resistance to disease) and research have led her to believe that our emotional health is almost always deeply connected to our physical health and this area is quietly evident in all of her writing, coaching and healing.

Diagnosed with cancer in 2008 after living most of her adult life with illness, stress, depression and anxiety. With her cancer diagnosis something shifted from deep within and she received insights into healing, so her greatest challenge became her greatest GIFT.

What Wendy offers her clients is a unique combination of modalities, coaching enhanced with psychic wisdom & energy healing, life experience along with extensive studies in personal development. She has a diploma in holistic aromatherapy and is a certified DreamBuilder coach and a student of the Master Healer Deborah King of The Deborah King Centre America. My current personal focus is raising the abundance factor and this ripples strongly into my work.

A gypsy traveler by nature with a love of other cultures and foods of the world, she has lived in numerous overseas locations, however for now she lives with her family of 5 in Northern NSW, Australia. She moved to this part of the world one year ago, it's been along held dream, living life in the hills by the sea in the semi tropics. Both Wendy and her Jamaican born man prioritize raising their children and believe in installing human values in their upbringing in the hope that they will be of the new generation of healthy, self-aware and successful individuals.

She writes about Slow Living in her blog and subscription email 'your daily slow', which is an appreciation of the simple joys, everyday life, foraging, wholesome cooking, creative makes,  handmade wardrobes, abundance raising and mindfulness. She is an artist at heart and loves capturing the beauty of the world around her.

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