Becoming The Contented Woman: A journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

I help sensitive, over-giving women unravel the patterns of their lives, teaching them Emotional Literacy so that they can embrace compassionate self-acceptance and practice self-love.

I believe depletion comes from within, when you deny – you deplete your LifeForce energy, which shows up in your body, personal relationships and money story as; depletion and dis-ease.

I help women embrace their authentic whole-selves, liberating them from emotional slavery, guiding them to FREEDOM and empowering them with’ Daily Slow’ practices to nourish their nervous systems into self-rejuvenation.

Life is meant to be a dance, an experience of limitless joy, freedom, hope, purpose, wealth and love!

The problem is, life can be a battle field of struggles especially if you do not know how to read the signals your body wisdom sends you and too often in our modern world HOPE can be lost to DESPAIR –

There can be a downward spiral into overwhelm, anxiety, chronic illness, depression and disease.

If you are seeking emotional FREEDOM and Liberation from ancestral patterns and limiting beliefs which leave you feeling drained, depleted and dis-eased, I’d like to welcome you to explore what the journey to Contentment – looks like with me.

My work provides you with the foundations to transform the way you experience health, wealth, relationships and true freedom in life.

I work with Energy Medicine and Empathic Intuition to help you navigate – the challenges of life.

I’d like to offer you the opportunity to discover what the journey looks like when you work with me –

Apply here for a Discovery Session, to identify what’s holding you back, and to give you one clear step you can take to becoming, The Contented Woman and at the end of our 45 minute call if I feel I can help you reach your goal – I will offer you an opportunity to work with me.