We can heal our lives

I wonder what your story is, I wonder if you are experiencing health issues? I wonder if you are seeking answers to chronic illness?

Throughout my 20's my health suffered and I experienced chronic illness, it was very challenging physically and emotionally.

Then as a young mother in my early 30's I remember having conversations with my children, how their mummy was different to other mummies, their mummy had chronic fatigue and a nervous disposition, their mummy did not always have the energy that other mummies had.

Now in my mid 40's and after over 2 decades of studying Wellbeing, Nutrition and more recently Meditation, Energy Healing, The Law of Attraction ( your thoughts become things) and Psychoneuroimmunology (the effect our thoughts and emotions have on our immune system) ...I clearly see the world in energy.

Wow, I can see how much of my energy, I gave to stress. Or how much energy I gave to other people, people have always loved being around me, I was the listener, the person everyone seemed to tell their secrets too, the person who always had time for other people. I am people person, I love people and I really enjoy listening to peoples stories But I I now understand how important it is to protect my energies when interacting with others and not try to 'solve' other peoples stories by wanting to make them feel better. In fact it is not really my place to do so.

I wonder as a experiment, if you would just begin to notice what your noticing in your body, to notice when your drained of energy, what events lead up to you feeling drained, you could notice if there was a emotional connection a stressful life event and so on.

Your energy is as an asset and a key to your wellness, so what strategies can you use to keep your energy in balance for wellness?

In my opinion meditation is the number one way to balance your energy, also taking time to go into nature will re-charge and re balance as will a walk on the beach or a swim in the ocean. Taking time to honor yourself when your tired, rest. Also, I think taking a look at how your interact with others is crucial.

Honor your energy, when you feel a life situation is draining you of energy, perhaps it would be a good idea to weigh up the situation and reconsider how you want to move forward.

I am studying Energy Healing with Deborah King Master Healer and I see Energy Healing and Energy Awareness as the future of Integrated Medicine and Wellness. I look forward to sharing all that I learn with you. xx



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