Awaken Your Wellness


I created something for you….

Getting the right Support + Strategy is important for your journey to wellbeing…

So I’m sharing the exact steps I used to transform my life – in my new one-to-one Slow Sessions mentoring package..



Give Yourself The Gift of Time…

Slow Down + Heal from the Inside-Out.

Awaken Your Wellness mentoring package is all of my secrets bundled into one to help you bring the Balance Back – into YOUR life!

And…. when it comes to support, strategy and heart-felt mentoring – I’ve got you covered.

Warning: Your NiceGirl Patterning could be at the root of your Health Issues + Emotional suffering and the reason why you are not pursuing your Dreams!

I spent years + thousands of dollars searching for answers, trying to ‘fix my broken state’.

I felt alone in my struggles + wondered what was wrong with me…because despite all the nutrition, organic and holistic therapies I suffered from chronic fatigue, gut issues, anxiety and…..

My wake-up call: Cancer – the ugly gift – with the most precious life giving message inside…Cancer gave me the strength + the courage to look fear in the face and go deeper into my-self and see the truth behind my health issues.

Yes, I did traditional medicine + holistic therapies but still… something was missing.

That’s when I discovered my NiceGirl who sabotaged my life with overwhelming Fear + Low Self-Worth and so much worry…

Traditional medicine saved me + my Slow Practices Nourished and Replenished and I found Wellness Within.

You’re here because you felt drawn to my words and to the possibility of CHANGE for YOU..

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of living a life you L.O.V.E  fueled by Wellness, Inner Harmony and the courage to follow your Dreams, then this package is for you.


The truth is, YOU hold the key to your Well-being + Freedom!

You have all the answers within YOU –

My role is to support + guide you with practices and presence, so you can up-grade your habits + Heal from the Inside-Out!

Oh and I do have a little help – my superpowers are I work with Energy + Insight.

This program is a perfect for you if…

  • If you’re suffering from Nicegirl patterning feeling – Stressed, Anxious, Run-Down, perhaps even experiencing low grade non specific immunity symptoms, often Depressed + Overwhelmed by life.
  • You strive to be outstanding in life – but find yourself Burnt-Out – Stressed-Out and reflecting on what really matters in life.
  • You want to Break-the-Chain of patterning, so that your daughters have a better future.
  • You’re the woman, the compassionate nurturer, who juggles family, career, home life + always says ‘yes’ to everyone and you’re exhausted.

Would you like me to show you the exact steps I used to transform my life? ….Would you like to know exactly how YOU can do the same?

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside…

6 weeks of one-on-one coaching with me – from anywhere in the world.

The 6 core elements I used to heal my life from the Inside-Out

Mindfulness + the power of living in the now.

Psychic Insight into your Emotional Energetics – if I sense blocks, I help to clear them.

Tarot card reading to clarify your current situation + how to move forward with clarity and direction.

Embodiment Practices to bring greater confidence + support you energetically in the world.

Morning + Evening Mindset Rituals to raise your potential to manifest.

The Art of Slow..and self-care for deep sustainable healing + JOY.


If you’re READY to RISE-UP and AWAKEN YOUR WELLNESS so you can create your Contented Life – this is for YOU!!

Interested in my work + how I can help you on your Own Journey to Wellbeing?


Would you like to set up a Complimentary Call?

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Step#2 Once I receive your request, I will email you so we can set up a time

Step#3 At our scheduled time, we’ll talk on-line via Zoom or Skype meeting (Let me know if you need some help with these).

We’ll get to know each other a little better and uncover the areas you’re struggling in your life  + decipher whether I might be able to help you.

You’ve got this + I’d love to guide you along your journey to well-being!

I look forward to making a connection with you soon…Wendy xx

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