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Are you ready to discover what’s holding you back from the wellness and life success you want?

Wellbeing + Contentment is not a one-size-fits all state of being, we are all unique in patterning and programming, right down to a cellular level, the genetic stories we carry are imprinted into our DNA, and these stories and our own life experience, determines how we experience life and wellness.

A Stillness Point Activation Program will help you FAST-TRACK your healing to a happier life.

What is The Stillness Point Activation Program?

A personalized unique to you, 60 minute body scan reading, either in person, or through a zoom on-line conference call, where your underlying emotional and energetic blocks are identified. (Distance does not affect my ability to tune into your blocks.)

You receive

  • A unique to you, written report of the energetic body scan, where I share with you insights, and a practice specifically unique to you.
  • A Centering Meditation download –  to be used daily to align you energetically – so that the body begins to heal.
  • Emotional scale PDF to help you shift into ‘healing mode’ and to alert you when you are ‘not in healing mode’ for greater happiness, health and life success.

Plus you get a BONUS support call this is a 60 minute 1-to-1 personalized call to assist and support you with any insights, shifts or challenges you may be experiencing as you begin to align to: Contented Living.

Benefits of the Stillness Point Activation Program

Whether you’re completely new to the idea of taking charge of your health, wellness and lifestyle, or if you’ve been practicing it for years, you can benefit from the Stillness Point Activation Program because 95% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions are held in our subconscious mind, therefore you don’t know, what you don’t know!

I facilitate change through seeing into ‘your inner world’ pin-pointing your emotional blocks which are potentially subconsciously holding you back from the life and wellness you long for.

Testimonials from Happy Clients –
Monika Mundell
Monika Mundell

Wendy, your Stillness Point Activation Program was Ah-Mazing! Never before has anyone managed to dig so deep into some of the unresolved issues I’ve been struggling with. I’ve had numerous calls with other light workers, healers, energy alchemists and even fortune tellers and yet, none of them have picked the core of my pain so fast.

You blew me away with your psychic and intuitive insights Wendy. Your straight to the point, yet gentle guidance through the reading was soothing for me. It helped me come to grips with the deep sadness I’ve been feeling for a while about a certain subject and helped me move on. You’re truly a magician. I love you to the moon and back! – Monika Mundell, www.monikamundell.com

Helen Roe
Helen Roe

Wendy has this innate ability to guide you out of your head and into your body, to the present moment. Her sessions are powerful and she uncovers very quickly whats holding you back, giving you the insights and tools to move forward. If you feel scattered or simply stuck and want to connect with your own inner compass, clarity and the confidence, then Wendy can make this happen. – Helen Roe, www.helenroe.com

Katherine Steevens
Katherine Steevens

After Wendy’s Stillness Point Activation Program, I felt as though a load had been lifted from my shoulders emotionally and my heart opened to love where previously there was only constriction and contraction. I have found some space and detachment from my personal issues and actually feel inspired to move forward again in my business. I would recommend seeking Wendy’s healing and guidance to anyone who may be considering working with her. The accuracy with which she managed to touch the deepest parts of me to bring to consciousness what needed to be embraced surprised me. Wendy has a powerful, natural gift for healing which I feel privileged to have experienced..- Katherine Steevens, www.millenniumliving.com.au


. What is a Energy Medicine?

I have developed gifts which enable me to ‘feel’ the flow of energy and experience the energetic emotions within you.

I believe energy medicine is the medicine of the future and science is proving and supporting this belief.

Why the emotions?

I specialize in emotions, this is the area, I have been gifted with insight and intuition.  My personal connections and understandings of the importance of  our thoughts, feelings and emotions is at the core of all my teachings .

.Do I have to understand how energy works in order to receive the benefits?

No, you just have to be present and open to the possibility of something ‘greater than you or I’ working to bring balance into your life.

Does this work help with stress?

Absolutely, yes! I ‘can feel’ when a person is highly stressed, and I physically sense when there is a stress relief in my clients body.

Will I get triggered by the old stories which show up?

No, in my experience my clients are not upset as the old stories surface, in fact they feel uplifted and lighter after a session.

.Will I feel anything?

This is unique to each individual, my clients usually report feeling a sense of clarity and positivity at the end of a session.

Are you ready to start feeling better FAST!!!


Let’s get STARTED and set up The Stillness Point Activation Program for you!

The 3 simple steps to setting up a session.

1. Please click on the add to cart link at the top of this page to book a preference date and make your payment (charges are in Australian Dollar with GST included).

2. Once I receive your booking and payment ( payment is made through PayPal secure site) I will contact you via email within 24 hours of receiving your payment, so we can confirm your date and time of your Stillness Activation Program.

3. I’ll send you a Zoom conference call link, so all you have to do is click on the provided link at the time of your scheduled 60 minute session, or provide you phone details.

If you would like to talk with me prior to booking, we can connect for a complimentary 45 minute Contented Call

Your body and life can (and will) heal itself when you provide it with the right environment.


I look forward to serving you on your Contented Life journey.

xx Wendy